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Tripoli Pull - CANCELLED
Blairstown Pull - Friday August 31st - flyers say start time is 7 - however
PRAIRIE PULLERS - will be starting at 6:00  Please be there early.
We will be starting with the Pro Outlaw Class followed by the
1200 Pro Out Law (super mod) class. After those we will start with our normal
classes in our normal pulling order. We will have to pause around 7 for national anthem.
Any questions please call Scott 319-721-6239
or Kristi 319-721-4979
Tripoli Pull - Cancelled due to weather

See everyone at Blairstown - On Friday August 31st.
Points are updated - Sorry for the delay this week. I had some troubles with my 
Excel Spreadsheet - so if you notice any errors on the points - Please email me, as 
I am going back through all of them . Thanks - Kristi
2018 Summer Schedule - 
July 4th - Wellman - 1:00
July 8th - Colo - 1:00
July 14 - Marengo - 6:00pm
July 15th - Washington - 6:00pm
July 21 - Grundy Center - 10:00am
July 22 - Mt Plesant - 1:00
July 27th - Zearing - 6:00pm
July 28 - Bristow - 11:00am

Aug 31 - Blairstown - 6:00pm
Sept 2nd - Tripoli - 12:00
Sept 16th - Waterloo Cattle Congress - 1:00
Oct 7th - Anamosa - 12:00
We, Prairie Tractor Pullers, and the family of Ken Long wish to Thank everyone the came to the 2018 Spring Shootout
What a wonderful turn out.
We want to thank all the pullers, helpers, sponsors, friends, family - everyone - this wouldn't of happened without all
of your help and support - we THANK YOU!!!
Final Results are posted under the 2018 Shootout Results tab.
Thank you!
Questions please contact:
Scott Long 319-721-6239
Kristi Wright 319-721-4979
Please keep watching as our 2018 Summer Schedule should be posted soon!